A tradition of detail.

In addition to fine vintage and contemporary diamond and color gemstone rings, Gerard Leon offers world-class hand engraving. With a unique attention to detail, the artisans at Gerard Leon follow time-honored tradition, handcrafting one-of-a-kind touches to your piece.

Using tools and knowledge handed down by generations, every letter, symbol, and seal is masterfully cut in our studio. Engraving by hand allows our craftsman to fully control their cuts. A deeper cut gives the feeling of bravado and longevity, while lighter cuts allow a sense of freedom and elegance that no machine could provide. Through years of experience, our master hand engravers have perfected their ability to cut lines with the utmost precision, making them bolder or more delicate in order to achieve your desired look.

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The Coat of Arms.

A symbol of strength, a coat of arms is handed down from one generation to the next. It celebrates a family tree, and gives those of the same lineage a common bond that lasts through the ages.

There are times when a family member chooses to begin a new journey, and creates their own Coat of Arms. In our case, Gerard Leon’s grandfather had 3 individual symbols made for each of his grandsons, giving them each a blank canvas to create their destinies. It was this act that set Gerard Leon's life in motion, and gave him the ability to become one of the world's finest jewelers.

For additional options or information and assistance with custom engraving, please book an appointment with one of our experts.

Celebrate the chapters of your life.

A wedding day. The birth of a child. A gift of love. These are the special occasions that create your story. At Gerard Leon, we think that each of these chapters should be celebrated in a way fitting their importance. That’s why we offer our clients Gerard Leon’s exclusive monogramming services.

A monogram is a traditional design that personalizes an item with the owner’s initials. Our monograms are hand engraved for an heirloom effect. Each piece is unique, allowing for personal touches that reflect the character of both its artist and the person it commemorates.

Engraving Styles: Gerard Leon is proud to keep the art of free-form hand engraved lettering and monogramming alive and well in an age of automation and mechanization. Usually, monograms consists of three initials in one of our most popular styles: Block, Roman, Script, French Script and Italic Roman, which is done in uppercase letters.

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With every piece we add to your collection, we add a chapter to our own family history.

"Your Heirloom, Our Tradition"

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