The sapphire has a long history within the consecration of marriage. Legend states that Pope Innocent III instituted a mandatory waiting period from engagement to marriage, where during this time, it was believed that a sapphire’s color would change if worn by an impure or untruthful person. For this reason, the fidelity of the Crusaders and their betrothed was tested with sapphires when they returned from their campaigns.

These days, if your choice is a classic sapphire engagement ring, you are likely elegant and traditional. But perhaps have an eye for fashion and an independent streak–much like history's most famous owner of a blue sapphire engagement ring, the remarkable Princess Diana.

And as history repeats itself, flash forward to when Prince William asked the lovely Kate Middleton to be his wife. Where in a moving tribute, he did so with the blue sapphire ring that once belonged to his royal mother.

Like Princess Diana herself, a blue sapphire cannot be forgotten. One can easily be enchanted within its oceanic blues. Representing loyalty, faithfulness and trust, a blue sapphire is the perfect symbol to depict the true depths of a couple's love.

Today, many young couples are choosing both vintage and modern sapphire engagement rings for a more unique way to celebrate their marriage. Gone are the days of especially gaudy diamond rings, or over-the-top adornments. Gerard Leon welcomes this new era by offering his collection of fine natural sapphire engagement rings, each with a unique style, color, and their own romantic link to the past.

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