Named for King Edward of Britain, Edwardian Jewelry is most celebrated for both its aesthetic and history. Lighthearted and luxury-loving, King Edward was infamous for being a playboy and a socialite. Even after his coronation, he continued to spend the majority of his time engaged in various high society endeavors, where jewelry was an important part of the lifestyle cultivated by an extremely wealthy upper class.

Reigning from 1900 to about 1920, the Edwardian era is best known for its simple elegance and extensive use of elegant filigree. The master designers of this time took great pride in applying gold, platinum, and other precious metals to the surface of their settings, giving Edwardian jewelry a look of royal femininity that could perfectly complement the popular ensembles of the day. 

Roman, Ancient Greek, Napoleonic, and French Baroque influences were all evident in Edwardian jewelry– with tassels, bows, laurel wreaths, and scrolls acting as prevalent motifs that illustrated the elegant, yet spirited sentiment of the era.

If one were looking for classic sophistication that could be at home on an afternoon walk along the River Thames or even at the Queen's royal gala at Hampton Court, they would have to look no further than Gerard Leon’s collection of vintage Edwardian Rings.

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